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Oreo, coconut, Bounty Bar — micro-aggressions used to disempower a black person deemed to be ‘acting white’. Donning a camouflage of Oreo-filling, Tania explores the masks we wear to put our heads above the parapet in a climate of systemic racism.

A semi-autobiographical solo about being a successfully educated black woman within Western society, Oreo interrogates racial micro-aggressions and their effect on mental health within private and public personas — focusing on public figures such as British MP Diane Abbott + and Portuguese politician Joacine Katar Moreira.

Exploring the racial term ‘Oreo’ in relation to experiences of episodic racism within higher education and employment, Tania challenges the notion of whitening her physical and phenomenal self to achieve success in society, asking you to open up and join-in to celebrate a moment of freedom, a moment of clarity.

oreo trailer

oreo suite

Watch full made for camera performance of OREO Suite

photo gallery

A variation of images from different iterations of Oreo live performances and Oreo Suite

Download OREO tour pack 

past performances

Sheffield Theatres Studio, Sheffield - 2022
Camden People's Theatre, London - 2021
Oldham Library, Oldham  - 2021
Sustained Theatre Up North, Manchester - 2020
Push Festival, HOME Manchester - 2020
SPILL Festival of Performance, Ipswich - 2016


Creator, Performer and  Producer

Tania Camara


Peader Kirk

Lighting Designer

Tamsin Drury

Dance Mentor

Pape Ibrahima N'daiye

Technician and Stage Manager

Stacey Potter


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