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A made-for-camera performance of Oreo


"Oreo, coconut, Bounty Bar" — micro-aggressions used to disempower a black person deemed to be ‘acting white’.


In 2020 we presented Oreo Variations*, a choreographic development of one section of Tania’s work for livestreaming. *Oreo Prelude is a new live stream of her unseen material, originally presented by STUN + Word of Warning on Wed 26 May 2021 at 7 pm.


Age Advisory: 16+ (parental/guardian discretion).

Content Warnings: includes an archive recording of a speech by Diane Abbott where she uses a term that may offend, for specific warnings please see


Features: live + recorded audio, spoken word, and choreographed movement.



A semi-autobiographical solo about being a successfully educated black woman within Western society. Oreo Prelude goes back to the beginning of the story, taking the words of British MP Diane Abbott to interrogate systemic racism and its effect on mental health within private and public personas. Oreo Prelude was developed through a commission from In Between Time in collaboration with hÅb/Word of Warning.


CREDITS Creator, Performer, Producer: Tania Camara Dance

Mentor: Pape Ibrahima N’diaye (a.k.a. Kaolack)

Director: Peader Kirk

Livestream Producer: Ricardo Vilela at Sagitta Media

Original Oreo Lighting Designer: Kamini Patel

Oreo was commissioned by STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North), developed with the support of HOME, Divergency and hÅb. Supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.




"Just finished watching. Gutsy, moving performance… Glad I got to see your work!"

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