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Alicia Keys and Me.

I have recently began to discover my own truth. Who am I?

I found myself hiding myself, my figure so that I could get less male attention, especially older men. I found that by doing this I began embodying my masculinity alongside my feminity. I was and still am seen as a same gender loving female, and being gay isn’t a label that I personally identify with.

When I read this blogpost about Alicia Keys’ Truth, I found myself Identifying with many of her experiences. Feeling as though we cannot truly embrace who we are, therefore having to conform to ideals that doesn’t allows for more than insecurities and self hate to develop.

There were times I hated myself and who I was. Due to being labelled by others and allowing other people so mould my identity. I hated my skin because I was told I was too black. I hated the shape of my body. I hated my hair, I remember thinking I would one day have the long blonde hair I used to see on adverts on tv.

I know self-love is a long process specially for black women (and other women of colour) since society daily reminds us of their idealised idea of unattainable beauty standards. And this effects many of us black women very deeply to points where many of us hate our skin colour, hair texture and African feature.

I just want to say, we are finally feeling comfortable within our own brownie-licious skin and all I can say is love you and do you.

Remember you are beautiful…

Watch this Video:

Here’s the link to Alicia Keys’ Truth:

Alicia Keys Opens Up About Hiding Her Truth

#BeWhoYouWannaBe #Feminity #Masculinity #Womanhood

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