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Becoming an Oreo?

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These terms have been used to describe me. Now I’m trying to understand how this terminology has affected me over the years. Only recently have a noticed how much this affected me, and how I wasn’t really dealing with this idea of feeling alienated by my own race. I found myself alienating, parts of who I was, therefore parts of my identity were lost. I had no idea who I was, therefore, I started constructing my identity from the people around me. This was seen as me trying to become or to be white, when all I was trying to do was to understand myself as a human being.

All of this alienation can lead someone to self-hate, and self-hate is extremely difficult to overcome if we don’t question and attempt to understand what we hated about ourselves to begin with.

But maybe we just wanted to be accepted in society and treated with more respect, but because our skin colour is not acceptable we begin to change who we are from inside out.

The way we speak, the way we dress and even the pigmentation of our skin. This is so common that skin whitening has become a thriving business.

Let’s stop trying to be something we are not. That’s not the path to happiness but to more pain and self-hate. Love your skin, your culture just love who you are.

Love your melanin…..

Her is a link to the beginning for the journey of self-love:

#BeWhoYouWannaBe #SelfLove #Feminity #Masculinity #Selfworth

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