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Tania Camara is a solo performance artist based in Manchester, engaging with diverse artistic mediums such as devised theatre, African dance, live art, video, voice work, and music. She holds a Master's degree in Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam, complemented by a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (Theatre + Dance).

Throughout her career, Camara has showcased her work on well-known platforms, including SPILL in Ipswich, the National Platform in October 2016, and the Sprint Festival at CPT in London in March 2018. Commissed for the Push Festival 2020 at HOME Manchester and received the NLPG Award for OREO in 2020. In 2021, was granted the Develop Your Creative Practice award, and performed at the SPILL Festival of Performance.

In October 2022 she was invited to join The Lowry’s esteemed 'Developed With' program. This opportunity supports early to mid-career artists like myself in advancing our creative and professional practices. Drawing on her accumulated experience, she aims to elevate her profile, expand my networks, and further hone her skills as a creative and cultural leader. While fully dedicated to deepening her understanding and embodying the practice of the Batuku method in performance, music, live art and well-being. She is committed to contributing to the decolonial discourse and expanding her engagement with it as it's an integral part of her artistic research practice

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