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Tania is an Interdisciplinary solo performance artist based in Manchester. Currently working with different mediums such as devised theatre, site specific, and durational performance, live art, installation, video and photography. 


Her work stems from her cultural heritage, past experiences, research and the interdisciplinary structure of Batuko which includes singing, dancing, drums and spoken word (finacon). Audience interaction plays an interesting role within her work as there is a system of call and response at play between performer and audience. She interrogates the notion of dislocation of identity, and what it means to be othered in western society.


Tania's current practice focuses on personal accounts of memory: collective and ancestral, to uncover her racial and cultural identity; the concept of self and other; belonging and the black performing body.


Born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently a resident of Manchester, United Kingdom, Tania Camara creates work that challenges the concept of nationality, belonging and the black performing body. Tania Camara holds a MA in Artistic Research and BA (Hons) in Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance). 


During her MA Tania researched the traditional dance/music genre Batuku as social performance and its place in the Cape Verdean Revolution as form of holistic healing.

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